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As the world's largest and most efficient content delivery network, Akamai is certainly a leader in the industry and a desirable partner for a company like The Church Online. Akamai provides the online video, optimization and security services to make great online experiences – on any device, anywhere – look effortless. At last estimate, Akamai delivers between 15-30% of all Web traffic and was behind recent international events like the Olympics and The World Cup. With over 5,000 employees, Akamai offers a powerful, unified solution, so that companies can architect their businesses for the future. They have the most pervasive cloud optimization platform with 160,000 servers in 95 countries within over 1,200 networks. This affords partners like The Church Online the ability to offer consistently superior streaming services to all clients.

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Reaching the masses on a global scale! The Church Online provides top notch enterprise class technology services including: live video streaming, video on demand systems, website development, and mobile app development. Established in 2002 in Pittsburgh, PA, the company has expanded to successfully work with a growing list of clients worldwide.

The Church Online also offers superior services in graphic design and book publishing through it's thriving design and publishing divisions.

All of the solutions provided by The Church Online fulfill the business needs of modern organizations while assisting with the expansion of outreach and business opportunities.

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