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Sharing the spoken word is a powerful tool. Translating that powerful message to an accessible, informative, and sleek book is certainly a desirable and potentially lucrative next step.

Meet Some of The Church Online’s Esteemed Authors

  • NEW RELEASE, Hanging On By A Thread by Bishop Walter Thomas

  • NEW RELEASE, Grain of Hope: A Mother's Memoirs by Dolores Pratt Chandler

  • NEW RELEASE, What You Say When You Say "I Do" by Bishop Derek Triplett

  • NEW RELEASE, Life Between the Lines by Justin Campbell

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Need a Well-written Representation of your Message?

The Church Online can help you realize the lifetime goal of publishing your own book by providing you the opportunity to work with a professional publishing team. From assistance with manuscript review, writing and editing to layout, production, distribution and marketing, The Church Online’s publishing division has published the work of some of the most influential pastors today. Work with us to refine your spoken word, written sermons, academic papers or other personal and professional documents or ideas and translate it all into a cohesive book.  Taking advantage of our professional design services will move that message to a beautifully designed, impactful package for that message.

The Church Online is truly a company that is filled with people who are both professional and personal. As a recent author, the staff encouraged me through the process from start to finish. In addition, their level of excellence is by far one of the greatest. As a client who has received both my church logo and my book publication, I encourage without any reservation for all prospective clients to allow The Church Online to provide you with their services. You will NOT be disappointed. I am a proud client of The Church Online.
Steven Carter, Pastor
Steven Carter, Pastor
Mt. Ararat Baptist Church, Brooklyn, NY

The dedicated and knowledgeable staff of The Church Online was an invaluable resource in completing my first book. They provided a personally encouraging experience in their very professional process. Their cues and helpful hints from beginning to end were invaluable in completing the publication process.
Eugene Downing, Pastor
Eugene Downing, Pastor
New Hope Baptist Church, Denver, CO

Make an Impact in the Publishing World

In addition to one on one attention from a professional writer and the undivided attention of a design team to provide professional layout and cover work, we help you secure your necessary ISBN numbers and complete the copyright process. We can also assist in marketing your new book, and we provide a variety of suitable distribution and printing solutions for your finished work.

Your Own In-house Writer, Editor, Publicist, and Publisher

  • Ghost-writing, Editing, Proofreading
  • Book Layout and Cover Design
  • Copywriting and ISBN
  • Product Fulfillment and Promotion


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