Our History and Vision

Fifteen years of success stories and counting!

Since 2002, The Church Online has built a team of tech-savvy, creative, and strategic professionals to address a variety of client needs. We specialize in comprehensive solutions for streaming video technology and website development as well as graphic design.  The Church Online also runs a thriving book publishing division that works with influential pastors and authors throughout the United States. Beyond the initial consultation and ease of “one-stop” solutions delivery, we also provide customized packages developed to meet your unique outreach needs.

The Church Online is a company of excellence, creativity and integrity.  I have used them for several initiatives – conference marketing campaigns, CD designs and website design and development.  Their ability to not only understand my vision – but to expand and strengthen my vision – is amazing.  And – with all of that going for them here’s what I appreciate most – their ability to agree to, and meet, agreed upon deadlines.  This could be a bit strong – but I “love” this company.
Dr. Anthony Brown, Minister of Marketing and Business Development
Dr. Anthony Brown, Minister of Marketing and Business Development
Morning Star Baptist Church, Catonsville, MD


More About Us

We are the future of technology!
Helping you to reach the world!

Reaching the masses on a global scale! The Church Online provides top notch enterprise class technology services including: live video streaming, video on demand systems, website development, and mobile app development. Established in 2002 in Pittsburgh, PA, the company has expanded to successfully work with a growing list of clients worldwide.

The Church Online also offers superior services in graphic design and book publishing through it's thriving design and publishing divisions.

All of the solutions provided by The Church Online fulfill the business needs of modern organizations while assisting with the expansion of outreach and business opportunities.

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