Live and Video On-Demand 

The Church Online makes it easy. Through our proprietary streaming tools, your ministry can start streaming in minutes to an unlimited number of viewers worldwide. We provide various models of basic and enterprise class H.264 hybrid encoding appliances, assembled and configured in our offices in Pittsburgh, PA and managed remotely once installed in any of your facilities. This allows you to effectively stream any content LIVE over the Internet and make available for viewers on your websites, and through today’s most popular mobile phones, tablets and Roku’s television streaming devices. We also provide you with the ability to integrate multiple bitrates according to your media workflow and viewing audience needs in order to take advantage of the best viewing experience possible in your media environment.

Through our integrated partnerships with industry giants, including Akamai Technologies and only the best enterprise class systems providers, we are able to provide live streaming in standard and high definition formats with various audio and video inputs allowing for optimal streaming quality, seamless scaling and worldwide availability from any locations utilized by your organization.

Mobile Streaming

You and your ministry are on the move; you know your viewers are constantly connected to their mobile devices – and, therefore, connected to everything available online. You want to be there for them too, and you can be.

The Church Online can expertly format and encode your audio and video for easy viewing on the major industry devices that connect your viewers and you to what’s new and interesting. Your ministry can be at the top of that list by allowing your viewers access to your live broadcasts and archived content – over breakfast, at work, while traveling, over dinner – whenever and wherever they want to!

The New Psalmist Baptist Church trusts The Church Online to provide state of the art solutions for many ministry initiatives. Take a look at some of the ways The Church Online works with New Psalmist Baptist Church.

Dynamic Communities

Fellowship is important to a busy ministry. Online this component is even more important – more visible – more effective. Let the Church Online open new doors of fellowship and interaction for your viewers through online chat that allows them to comment on and discuss live services and videos in real time – with other members – and with you. 

Connect on all levels

Social media is the new water cooler chat – the new coffee house meeting – and the new gathering place for your ministry online. Tap into these interactive sources to move your ministry into the future and to expand your reach and your message.


Who’s Watching?

Broadcasting is one thing – Understanding who is watching and absorbing your ministry’s message is another. The Church Online provides accurate, direct analytic tools to help you understand how many people are tuning in, and how far your reach goes on any given day.  Track your viewers using a specific date range, and get a feel for who is tuning into your services and when.

Multiple Campuses

You can grow your ministry by integrating multiple campuses through video feeds and television or projection screens. You can also allow current satellite campuses to worship with you at your main campus on a regular basis.  The Church Online can help you decide what solution would work best for you and assist you with integration from start to finish.

Reach people where they are.