Video Production

Video Production Solutions: Offering comprehensive and creative video services that transform your ministry and expand your reach.

As a ministry, your mission is big.

In today’s tech culture , the opportunities for grabbing your demographic’s attention are endless. Handheld devices, social media, and responsive mobile websites make it possible for your ministry to have a captive audience at all times, and directed video content can be a very successful marketing tool. In fact, professional video is fast becoming the easiest, most cost-effective, and most efficient way to create awareness and inspiration, while at the same time communicating your goals, objectives, events, and overall message. 

A Video Production Partnership

At The Church Online, we understand that church media departments struggle with cost, quality, and consistency. It takes a team of people to handle the time, graphics, editing, and more, that high-end video production requires. As we all know, there is a big difference between what we see from national and international networks as opposed to local or in-house productions.

Video Examples

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The Church Online Video Production Team

Internally, the task of creating quality video is extensive. Many ministries, no matter the size, are focused on other tasks and are not able to allocate the necessary people, time, funds, or other needed resources to handle a task that is always ongoing.

The Church Online provides a creative and task-oriented team of professionals providing an array of services from pre-production and planning through post production to ensure your ministry can take full advantage of it’s video assets at all times. The Church Online can assist you with:

  • Audio and video editing services
  • Graphics development
  • Video announcements
  • Video bumpers
  • Promotional spots
  • Opens and closes
  • On location shoots and support
  • Voice over support
  • Royalty-free music and stock footage
  • And more!

You need a professional team that can act as a knowledgeable extension of your current media staff.

What are your goals?

Current statistics indicate that people will spend over a third of their lifetimes on computers in some capacity and those statistics will only increase as time goes on.

In the past decade, video usage has skyrocketed.

  • 89 million people in the United States watch 1.2 billion online videos every day
  • Online video users are expected to double to 1.5 billion in 2016.
  • Globally, online video traffic will be 55 percent of all consumer Internet traffic in 2016.
  • 92 percent of mobile video viewers share videos with others. 

Worldwide, users upload hundreds of hours of video content per minute to various viewing platforms. 

How many of these video hours are as powerful as they could be?

Give us your wish list:

From strategy to directed announcements and ongoing scheduled events, The Church Online can help your ministry add a valuable video component to any website, service, event, campaign or other initiative.

 Contact us today to provide a consistent, spiritual resource to millions of people throughout the world through your message in video.

Reach people where they are.